Why don't we all run?

When my doctor told me to eat more vegetables, he didn't mean French fries.

I thought I was part of the problem.

He is good at baseball.

Our factories are working perfectly.


In regard to the internship system in the United States I availed myself of part of Miyumi Tanaka's work "Making doctors in Harvard" (Igaku-Shoin Ltd.) as a reference.

Everybody's having a good time.

I've got mosquito bites and they really itch. Do you have any medicine for it?


I told you to stop, didn't I?

Why would Wayne want to help us?

The concert is beginning now.

Someone's watching me.

Kenneth has released a new album.


I finally got hold of that book I wanted.

I don't know where Andy came from.

"I have never thought about it", said the old man. "What should we do?"

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Why don't you give me your number?

I need a calendar.

She had to withdraw her son from the club.


No one's going to tell Nelken anything.

I don't know what Elwood is so worried about.

Put Ira on a bus.

I need you to go home.

It was hard for them to say no.

It took little more than an hour.

At times I have breakfast in a restaurant.


The artistic beauty of the garden is truly amazing.

You must be Teri's mother.

The sight arrested my attention.

We laughed at him.

Because I was scared.

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My secretary said it was urgent.

What's the worst thing that could happen?

"To answer the latter question, one possibility is that all conscious beings are the single journeys of neurotransmitters in the existential crisis of an omnipotent entity attempting introspection." "I really, really like that hypothesis, and I never found it better formulated than how you did it here."

Don't be afraid to make mistakes when you speak English.

I'll have to get my parent's permission to go to the dance with you.


Aren't you please going to sit down?

The work was successful.

He denies this accusation and speaks only of a kiss.

Jenine is brighter than you are.

Katsuko is at the head of her class in english.


Kenn and I tried to carry Sugih.

How did you hear about us?

I would never have guessed that.

I belong to a tennis club.

"Where is my car?" "It's in the garage."


I thought Olaf and Marguerite made such a nice couple.

There must be a rational explanation for this.

Jeannie's very resilient and can always manage to smile, no matter what's going on in his life.


I am not a good swimmer.


The object of the journey was to visit Grandma.

It should be a little easier next time.

What exactly was Devon doing in the Australian Embassy?

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I'll never change my mind.

Herb was going to give me that.

Leila was also present.


Russell kicked him in the face.

I love the way you think.

His story was pretty simple.


What must he have?

I didn't think Harv knew how to play mahjong.

I hung the laundry out to dry last night and by morning it had frozen hard as a rock.

Griff is capable of taking charge, isn't he?

My cousin, who is a lawyer, is in France at present.

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You have only to read this article to see how serious the accident was.


Myron decided that it wouldn't be sensible to try to cross the old rope bridge.

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You need not telephone me.

Bart owns the building I live in.

Lila didn't quite understand.

Van was certainly sharp.

Are you sure you'll be alright here by yourself?

Wes had to wear a dunce cap.

Keep your mouth shut.

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I can always get more.


He could not answer that question.

I hope you don't starve.

Jinchao gets stuff done.

You have not experienced Shakespeare until you have read him in the original.

Please let me know if you feel hurt by anything I said.

Can I check in now?

This word is difficult to translate.

Shutoku is studying now.

Drink something.

Subra entered his password.

You're a good boss.


I slept all day yesterday.


What just happened?

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I've never seen a rainbow.

Don't you miss me?

Lindsay doesn't have to apologize to me.

I don't want to get my hands dirty.

Patricio can only remember one of his grandparents.


Maybe Ritchey will adopt you.


He buried his head in his hands.

Can we trust Denis to do that?

But you cannot tell where it comes from or where it is going.

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Gretchen hasn't translated the book yet.


You're not above the law.

Take care of yourself, and have a good time!

We have hard jobs.

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I'm not making excuses.

I've been busy.

He is not at home.

Don't touch it!

That's a myth.

I could help take care of the baby.

I can always come back later if you're busy now.

This might be a good time to visit Linder.

The infant has been exposed to radioactive rays.

I've been traveling for a while.

Last night was very hot and muggy and I didn't sleep very well.

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Your pulse has gone up.


I just kissed Antonella.

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That must be very exciting.

Do you want to do something about it now?

It won't be easy for Moses.

The manager of the baseball team is very strict. He is good at keeping the players in hand.

Andries was trying to kill me.

The other kids at school made fun of him because of his strange accent.

The city is gaining popularity as a major tourist destination.

I racked my mind to find a solution to the riddle but eventually failed to find one.

Let's not let things get us down.

You miss him, don't you?

We didn't do as well as we should've.

Recently, I've been suffering from lack of sleep, so my skin is crumbling.

Did you really love me?


I need new glasses.

You never really said you love me.

Don't be worried.


In short some guns have excellent security systems to prevent accidental firing (e.g. when dropped), others don't.


He reads foreign books, not to mention Japanese ones.

Ji and his sister are both students at this university.

Hostilities temporarily ceased.

Are you sick of me?

I'm actually a nice guy.

She read the letter, and so she came to learn that he was dead.

The next morning the White Duck wandered round the pond, looking for her little ones; she called and she searched, but could find no trace of them.

What would you recommend?

It'll cost you a lot to furnish your apartment.

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I've run out of money.

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I acted upon what I believed.


They are talking past each other.

There's more to Sheila than meets the eye.

Billy is still trying to talk Debbie into taking the job.

I have three sisters and a brother.

I'm going to meet Samuel there.

My father goes abroad sometimes.

How do you plan to get home?

You must respect your elders.

The reason was unclear.

I only ordered coffee, since I wasn't hungry.

I know that this doesn't interest you.


He's a Chinese-American.


What's your favorite love song?

Ji isn't as young as you think he is.

That's too easy.

She has marginalized herself.

I'm trying to reach her.


He interrupted us abruptly.